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2007-10-26 06:34:54 by quaterO

Quater Productions consists of 1 person... (me. no, its not that lonely). I make mostly movies... sometimes games... if i feel like it. I realise that my user name is quaterO... thats a typo... ma bad.
School sux... in all my lessons that i am in a computer room, i open up my flash and show it off. Its fun when people go "wow ur sooo good" "howd u do that? no way u did not do that, ur bs-ing" but then there are the newgrounds ppl... who arnt so easily impressed... pff
if you don't like me, then u must hac sum kind of disease... sry, its a well known, proven fact.
AND my speakers are broke. so i have to get my frend to give me apropriate sounds and stuff, give me a break if they sound crap.
hmm what else? I havn't been with newgrounds for long... i mean joined up. But i hav always been a fan. aaaaand my alarm clock is broken.
cya l8er alagator!